August 22, 2009

Ganesh Chaturthi Special Recipes

Today is Vinayaka Chavithi aka Ganesh Chaturthi festival, dedicated to Lord Ganesha, God of Wisdom and Prosperity. It is celebrated on the Suddha Chavithi day (the fourth day after the no-moon day) of the lunar month Bhadrapada maasam.



Rice Rawa (Biyyapu rawa) - 1/2 cup
Jeera - 1 tsp
Chana dal (Senaga pappu) - 1 tbsp
Salt - to taste


Soak chana dal in water for atleast 10minutes.

Heat about 1tsp of oil in a saucepan and add jeera.

Add 1 cup of water (1: 2; Rawa: water ratio) to the pan and bring to a boil.

After the water starts boiling add salt, soaked chana dal and slowly add rawa. Stir continuously to make sure that there are no lumps.

Cook until the mixture comes together and looks like upma. Consistency should be neither too wet (if this is the case cook a little longer) nor too dry(add little water).

Let this mixture cool till it is easy to handle.

Make lemon size balls of the mixture and steam them for about 10-12 minutes in a pressure cooker.

Serve hot with any chutney.

Jilledukayalu (Kozhukkattai )(Modak)


Outer cover:-
Rice flour - 1 cup,
water 1 cup

Inner stuff(Poornam):-

1 cup grated coconut,
1 cup powdered jaggery,
1 tbsp Ghee,
1 tbsp powdered cardamom.

Preparation of Outer cover:-

Heat water to boil. Pour 2 tsp oil(preferably sesame) in it and add rice flour with constant stirring so that it becomes thick.

Cover and keep aside for 1/2 hour.

Then take even sized balls of this and shape it into a hollow hemisphere(like a bag). Grease the hand with sesame oil to get the shape.

Inner stuffing(Poornam):

Mix 1 cup grated coconut, 1 cup powdered jaggery, 1 tbsp powdered cardamom and leave for 5 min.Heat this mixture in low heat with constant stirring until it comes as a paste.

At this time add a tsp of ghee and remove from the stove and make uniform balls of the poornam and stuff the poornam in the shape made earlier and close it by extending the covering flour.Place these in a plate and steam in a pressure cooker or a large vessel until fully cooked around 25 mts.