August 22, 2009

Vinayaka chaturthi Pooja

Vinayaka chaturthi is the birthday of Lord Ganesh, the son of Shiva and Parvati. Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaturthi is one of the most colorful and widely celebrated festivals in India. The entire celebration of this festival goes on for ten days. According to Hindu calendar, Vinayaka Chaturthi is observed on the fourth day during the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month(August 23rd, 2009).

Here I am giving the Ganesh Chaturthi pooja and aarti.

Ganesh pooja is worshiped for removing all troubles from your life.

Below I have given how to perform Ganesh pooja process and Ganesh Aarti.

Vinayaka Chaturthi Pooja process

Many people observe Ganesha Chaturthi poojas at home. In Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated for 10 days. In other states of India, it is celebrated for one day on the Vinayak Chaturthi day. The best celebration is associated with Ganesh Chaturthi across 10 days.

It is generally preferable to do Ganesha puja on the Chaturthi day at the noon; you can perform the pooja, whenever all the members of your family are present. You will require following items at the pooja process.

Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja Item

* A clay image or murti of Lord Ganesha
* Red and yellow flowers
* Druva grass blades
* One Coconut
* Sweets (preferably Modak)
* Sandalwood paste and incense sticks
* Incense and agarbathis
* Panchamrit

You can start pooja with four steps as given below

* First clean the house and take a bath.
* A Clay image of Lord Ganesha is installed in a raised platform.
* Pray to Lord Ganesh and you can recite mantras or bhajans dedicated to Lord Ganesha.
* Next step is to pray to Ganesha comes into the image, this is known as pran-prathishta.

The pran-prathishta mantra is given as below.

"Ganananh tva ganapatim havamahe kavim kavinam - upamashravastamam |
jyeshhtharajam brahmanan.h brahmanaspata A nah shrivnvannutibhih sida sadanam."

Mantra Meaning: We invoke You, O Ganapati of the ganas, Who are Brahmana-spati of the brahmas the wisest among the wise, Who abound in treasure beyond all measure, the most brilliant one. Do listen to our prayers, come with your blessings and assurances of protection into our home, and be seated.

The Pooja begins with the establishment of idol on a higher platform and making it clean with Panchamrit. Then the ritual of the pran-prathishta pooja is performed to invoke the holy presence of Lord Ganesha into the idol followed by the worship with sixteen modes of showing honor, known as “Shhodashopachara.”

Then you can perform aarti and light the lamps and bhajans dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Then you offer to Lord ganesh, 21 modakas, 21 blades of druva grass, offer red and yellow flowers, and apply a tilak using Sandalwood paste and Kumkum. Break the coconut or just keep it along with the idol. Then offer your best possible prasada to the ganesh. The statues are worshiped with all the family members and friends seek his blessings.

Arti For Ganesh Chaturthi

Jai Ganesh Devaa

Jai ganesha jai ganesha jai ganesha devaa
Maataa jaakii paarvatii, pitaa mahaadevaa
Eka danta dayaavanta, caara bhujaa dhaarii
Maathe sinduura sohai, muuse kii savaari
Jai ganeshaa...

Andhana ko aankha deta
Korhina ko kaayaa
Baanjhana ko putra deta
Nirdhana ko maayaa
Jai ganeshaa...

Paana carhe, phuula carhe
Aura carhe mevaa
Ladduana ko bhoga lage
Santa karen sevaa
Jai ganesha...


VineelaSiva said...

Vinayaka chavithi Subhakankshalu.Chala baga explain chesaru.

Saru said...

Hi Vineela thanku very much and wish u the same.