September 1, 2009

Bisi Beli Bath

Ingrediants :

1glass Rice
½ glass Tuar dal
½ cup Tamarind paste
¼ cup Carrot
4 Beans
1 Potatoes 1
1 Drum sticks


1cup Dhania
½ cup Chana dal
¼ cup Udat dal
4 Mirchi(dried)
1 tbsp Coconut(dried)
1 tsp Menthi
1 tsp Dalchini
2 tsp Cloves
2 tsp Elaichi

  • Fry all these ingridients and make the sambar powder to mix in the cooked rice.

Method :

  • Cook rice and dal with five glasses of water,salt,turmeric and vegetables. Add tamarind paste and cook for some more time, then add sambar powder.After adding sambar powder.
  • Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds and asofitida(L.G. hing)with curry leaves and add it to the rice.
  • Serve Hot With papad, mixure or chips.