September 17, 2009

Hyderabadi Haleem - Ramzan Special

This is a famous Hyderabadi dish called "Haleem" which is usually prepared during the holy month of Ramzan. Haleem originated in Iran and Afghanistan area, and brought to India during the Moghul empire.

It is available mostly in the month of Ramadan and can also be found at some restaurant. During the last few years, Hyderabadi haleem has been in high demand among VIPs. It is a complete meal dish.


Haleem is cooked on a low flame for over 10 hours in the bhatti (a cauldron covered with brick & mud kiln) and two men, usually, mix it thoroughly with large wooden sticks through out its preparation, until it gets to a sticky-smooth consistency, similar to mashed mince

Meethi (sweet) and khari (salted) haleem variants are served for breakfast at Arab homes in the Barkas area of Hyderabad. The salted variety is popularly seen during the months of Moharram and Ramadan. The high-calorie haleem is an ideal food to break the Ramadan fast.


Boneless Meat cubes 1/2 kg
Cracked Wheat: 1 cup
Chana daal: 30 gm
Urad daal 60 gm
Thoor daal 25 gm
Curd : 1 cup
Ginger& garlic paste 1 tsp
Ghee : ½ cup
Lemon :1
Coriander leaves : 1/2 cup
Mint leaves : 1/2 cup
Pepper corns 1 spoon
Oil 2 tblsp
Chilli powder 1 spoon
Green chillis 3
Cloves 6
Cinnamon 1
Cardamoms 4
Turmeric powder 1/2tsp
Salt to taste
Fried onions 1 tbsp
Cashews 50 gm
Almonds 10 (optional)

1. Soak cracked wheat for 2 hours.drain.
In a pan boil cracked wheat with lots of water untill the cracked wheat become tender and mushy.
2. Wash and soak the letils for 30 mints.
Cook the lentil in pressure cooker. and make it past with the help of grinder.
3. Heat Oil in a pan. add cinnamon, coves, cardamom, star anise fry a while then add meat, chillies, red chilli powder, ginger garlic past, turmeric and salt. close the lid and cook on medium heat till the mutton turns tender.
Now grind the cooked meat in a food processor. Now mix the wheat grains with the groung meat and mix well. Stir continuously so that both are mixed properly.
4. Heat oil in pressure cooker, fry the cashews and onions and keep it aside. In the same oil add the gound meat&wheat past, pepper corns, salt, chilly powder, mint leaves, coriender leaves, lentil past and curd mix it well add one glass of water, lock in the lid. cook till the pressure cooker reaches 2 wishesl. Switch off the stove. Let the pressure drop naturally. Later open the lid.
Now haleem almost ready, fellow the final importent step:
5. Switch on the stove, put the cooked haleem on stove and mix it well. pour ghee spoon by spoon on haleem and stir continuously till 10 mints. finally mix the nuts and onions. Serve Sprinkle with lemon juice.