October 20, 2015

Nail Art For Beginners

How to make your nails awesomely pretty even if you are a beginner. we are gonna start with really easy and simple nail work that looks amazing with all your looks.

Before starting the nail art, apply the base coat. It not only protects your nails but also make the colors look bright and shiny.
So, this nailart is really easy. You can easily do it at your home.
All u need is
  • white nail paint
  • black nail paint
  • base coat


  • Apply white nail paint on your nails
  • Let it dry completely first and then make an arc with black nail paint. It may be difficult to do perfectly in one go. Pro tip is that take minimal amount of nail paint on the brush and draw it with a side of your nail brush.
  • Fill the front portion with the black color. Its again a bit difficult as you can smudge both black and white together. So to avoid that u can cover the white portion with a bit of paper
  • Let it dry completely and cover with base coat.
So, here you have your ready to go nails. You can try all other amazing and bright colors.